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Why use a MixCoupler?  A common acoustic problem with most home and professional mixing studios is the ceiling, often the closest reflective surface. A hard ceiling, desk and floor will create standing audio waves in the audio sweet spot making mixing extra challenging. The common solution of sound deadening can often create additional problems.

Enter MixCoupler, a DIY acoustic sound diffusor kit specifically designed to scatter sound energy directly above the mixing position. The sound diffusor disperses sound evenly and creates a more consistent listening environment. MixCoupler is uniquely designed to scatter the reflections between you, the ceiling and your speakers.

Suspended from your ceiling, MixCoupler diffuses sound energy on its way to the ceiling and again upon its reflection back. Listeners experience a more focused low end, greatly reduced flutter echoes and an overall more pleasant listening experience.

MixCoupler is designed to be one of the most affordable diffusion products available today. All MixCouplers are shipped unassembled and unfinished, greatly reducing the cost. You choose and apply the finish you want, or leave it unfinished.

Assembly and installation take approximately two hours and can be done with standard household tools. Installation instructions and steel rigging hardware is shipped in the packaging for your convenience.

MixCoupler evenly distributes sound without removing ambiance, creating a more pleasant listening experience.  This is a great solution to the troublesome sound reflections from your ceiling.

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