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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am so-so with tools.  How hard is this to put together?   All of the MixCoupler slats are precisely machined to make assembly easy and fast.  The installation kit includes a detailed installation guide as well as steel fasteners to ensure a safe installation.  This is a partial DIY kit in which the customers assembles the slots together using wood glue provided, the users choice of finish (if any), affix six rigging points to the ceiling/MixCoupler and finally, lift and hook it to the rigging points.

  • What is the recommended installation method of this product? The MixCoupler comes with an all steel rigging kit and installation manual, complete with pictures and very detailed instructions.  We even include additional steel chain if you choose to hang it slightly away from your ceiling to increase diffusion.  Since you are rigging heavy material above your head, it is very important you follow the directions by the word.  

  • What tools will I need for assembly and installation? A drill, 5/32” drill bit, stud beam finder, tape measure, pencil/marker, Phillips screwdriver, needle-nose pliers (small to medium size will work), two step ladders (7-9 foot is ideal)

  • What is the best way to finish this?   The MixCouplers on this website where finished with water-based semi-gloss clear coat finish.  Short of taking an assembled MixCoupler to a pro finish room, we have had great results spray finishing it while hung from the a steel garage door track in the garage.

  • What material is the MixCoupler made of?  The MixCoupler is made of the best quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) available.  Many sound diffusors are made of expensive hardwoods and priced out of touch from many studio owners.  Diffusors do not resonate so the expensive wood does not make it sound better.  MixCoupler are half the cost of traditional hard wood diffusion per square foot while being visually appealing.

  • Are MixCouplers available in any colors?  Not at this time.  We have found the finish is best applied after the assembly.  Your costs are greatly lowered by shipping unassembled.

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